Travis Barker Used to Search For UFOs With Tom DeLonge on Tour

We all know that Tom DeLonge is a UFO researcher, but before he left blink-182 to start To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, the guitarist and his former bandmate Travis Barker would search for unusual shapes in the sky together.

“He used to get loaded and just look out the bus window,” the drummer explained in a new interview. “And I used to do it with him as, I don’t know, kind of a bonding experience.”

“With Tom, that was his thing,” Travis added. “Like, f**king let’s get high and look for UFOs. So we would! We’d just sit there and, like, stare out the bus window, look at UFOs. He would even go as far as, when we were on tour, like, ‘Let’s go and f**king look for Bigfoot.’ Whatever it was, you know? He would assemble a crew and they would go do it.”

While Travis admits he never went on a Bigfoot hunt with Tom, he thinks aliens could exist.

“I feel like it could be real,” he said. “I believe. But I’m not dedicating my life to search for it, you know? And I give it to him, man. To, like, honestly … to walk away from your f**king very successful band to go do that s**t? … I have nothing but respect for his passion. But I couldn’t do that. It really shows, like, he’s very, very passionate about it.”

Travis and Tom have stayed close friends despite not making music together anymore. They joke around on Twitter and give each other hilariously NSFW Christmas gifts.

Photo: Getty Images