X Ambassadors' Sam Harris Talks Using Band's Platform For Activism

X Ambassadors' lead singer Sam Harris was the most recent guest on the iHeartRadio podcast Inside the Studio.

Harris talked about all things music, including X Ambassadors' most-recent release, “Zen” as well as how he and his bandmates are not only being active within social justice issues but also using the band's platform to draw attention to them.

“I've always looked at ourselves as a band that's not afraid to show our activism and show our support for movements like Black Lives Matter or Abolish ICE or any of these cultural moments that are happening we are paying attention to,” Harris told host Joe Levy. “A lot of us are reevaluating how our privileges have worked into our lives and the injustices that have existed in this country for so, so long that I as a white person have been blind to for a long time.”

He continued: “Right now, what we're trying to do is see where we can focus our energy best to make concrete change. It goes from small scale stuff to big scale stuff. We're going to continue doing our part in whatever way we can. We need major, major change in this country in order for people to be safe and to not die.”

X Ambassadors have recently donated all proceeds of their “Zen” merch to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute; a nonprofit which helps defend and protect the lives of Black Trans people. In addition to that, the band has kept fans notified of actions it is taking as a whole in the fight for racial equality and an end to police brutality. 

You can listen to Harris' full interview below.

Photo: Getty Images