This Week's Weird News 12/4/20

Mysterious monoliths, the demise of the legendary Arecibo telescope, and a koala possessing a bit too much holiday spirit were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

This past week's weird news cycle was dominated by what might best be described as 'monolith madness,' centered around the fallout from the discovery of a mysterious object in the Utah desert just before Thanksgiving. Seemingly each successive day brought a new twist to the weird saga beginning with the curious piece mysteriously disappearing, another monolith appearing and then vanishing in Romania, and then revelations as to who had taken the Utah object away and why. And, just when it seemed as if the winding tale had run its course, yet another piece popped up on a mountaintop in California, suggesting that this odd story may not be over just yet.

In an unfortunate development out of Puerto Rico this week, the famed Arecibo observatory collapsed on its own just days after being decommissioned due to structural damage sustained over the last few months. The administrators of the legendary alien-hunting telescope had hoped to safely dismantle the structure after deciding to shut it down, but the laws of gravity beat them to it on Tuesday morning when a wire holding up the 900-pound instrument panel snapped and set off a domino effect of destruction that was truly breathtaking to behold in videos later released by the National Science Foundation.

With the holiday season in full bloom, with it comes the requisite weirdness so often seen this time of year, specifically by way of a wild story out of Australia in which a family discovered that a koala had gotten into their home and taken up residence in their Christmas tree! Amanda McCormick initially thought that her kids were playing a joke on her when she spotted the furry creature hanging on the faux fir in their living room until she noticed that it was munching on the fake leaves. Fortunately, a koala rescue group was able to extricate the animal from the tree and return it to the wild.

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