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Metallica Will Premiere New Album '72 Seasons' In Movie Theaters

Photo: Getty Images North America

Metallica is premiering its forthcoming 12 studio album, 72 Seasons, in movie theaters worldwide for one night only.

Fans can head to a participating theater on Thursday, April 13, to see the cinematic version of 72 Seasons played in its entirely.

According to the band and partner Trafalgar Releasing, Metallica has filmed music videos for each of the 12 songs on the album and recorded exclusive commentary for the album.

The result, the band promises, will be "an unforgettable night" to experience 72 Seasons first, on the eve of its April 14 worldwide release.

Go to Metallica.Film for tickets and showtimes.

Metallica announced the new studio album in November with the release of its first single, "Lux AEterna," and the list of dates for its ambitious 'M72' world tour. The band plans to perform two-nights in each city with a completely different setlist each night.