JOSH BROLIN | Before They Were Famous | Marvel's Thanos & Cable

For Josh Brolin the apple didn't fall far from the tree with his father being a bit of Hollywood royalty and Josh getting started as an actor in his first role at the age of 16 and back when he was a kid, I swear this dude was a doppleganger for Justin Beiber. Also probably a bit of a lady killer. Despite growing up on a ranch three hours out of Hollywood Brolin would end up following in his fathers footsteps and he worked steadily with roles only getting bigger and better as the years passed. It's turning out to be quite the standout year for Josh Brolin. In 2017, Hollywood had been searching left, right and centre for the right actor to play Cable in the sequel to Deadpool, with prominent stars such as Michael Shannon as well as Stranger Things' David Harbour being among the primary contenders. As it turned out, the studio opted for Brolin instead, meaning that this would not only be his second role in a Marvel film, but his second role in a Marvel film within the span of just one month.

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