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Cops Called Over Car Parking Space

"Occurred on July 23, 2018 / San Diego, California, USA:

'At approximately 10:58am, as I arrived into Grossmont Centre, I pulled into a parking lot with an open space directly to my right after a truck pulled out. Once I'm parked I have a lady parked directly behind my car blocking me in. She gets out and taps on my back door of my vehicle and began to tell me that it was her parking space and that she was waiting on it. She then sees where I work and threatens to send an email to my corporate office, which she did. I never saw her waiting for the space because she was on the other side of the parking lot at the time I arrived. I said to her that I thought it was a public parking spot which it was. She told me she had been waiting on the spot because her mother was handicapped and she needed a handicap parking spot, which it was not. there were handicap spots available. At this point I am running late for work and do not have time so I call my manager to let her know I will be late. The lady then tells me she is going to call the police. Right after I decide to open Snapchat and  Record her because who honestly calls the police for a public parking spot!? In the video, I recap what happened prior and let her know she's crazy for calling the police. I did also walk up to her phone before the recording while she was speaking to the police and ask if I had committed a crime.  She gave them my license plate number and the description of my vehicle.  Meanwhile she is blocking both an entrance and exit to the parking lot where vehicles had to go around and honked and even one lady got out to tell her to move and find another spot. As I no longer have time for any of her antics, I begin to walk to work. As I'm walking away I see a motorcycle cop and cop car arrive. I decided to walk back and speak to one of the officers. He asked me what happened and I proceeded to let him know that I pulled into a parking spot and if I could go to work. The motorcycle cop spoke with the lady and asked her to leave and the other cop said I could go.'"

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