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Police Use Double-Decker Buses to Catch Drivers on Their Phones

"Police have started spying on motorists from the top of double-decker buses (left) in a bid to catch those who use their phone behind the wheel. A team commandeered a regular service bus to spy on drivers in Plymouth, Devon, from above in what is thought to be the first scheme of its kind in the country. From their vantage point they could look down into cars (bottom right) and see motorists on their mobile phones (inset) or committing other traffic offences. Officers (top right) alerted colleagues in waiting patrol cars or motorbikes to the offenders who were then pulled over. The operation on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday resulted in more than 130 motorists being caught. Of those, 39 were using a mobile phone, 36 were pulled over for not wearing a seat belt and two vehicles were seized for not having insurance."

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