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Mom Finds Son Pigging Out on Cornbread Mix`

"I  woke up early and decided to sit out everything that I was going to cook for breakfast for my two sons and fiance'. I sat out a carton of eggs, turkey bacon and a box of Jiffy cornbread powder on the kitchen table. Everyone was still sleeping so I laid back down. I began to hear some noise so I figured the boys were awake. I decided to get up and cook breakfast. As I walked around the corner, what do I see? My son sitting on the couch, legs crossed, stuffing Jiffy cornbread mix in his mouth! I couldn't do anything but chuckle. I decided to grab my phone and record the moment because the funniest thing about it was that he was alone, not watching TV or anything, just starring out the window eating his Jiffy! I wondered how he even got it. As I followed the crumbs to the kitchen I saw that everything was knocked down. I took the box from him, he laughed, I offered him a glass of water and gave him a good bath!"

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