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Sylvester Stallone's Weird Pen Commercial from 2013 Has Resurfaced

"Epic Treatment for an Epic Pen and Watch It rewrote the rules for pen design with its virile, majestic, imposing form. Now, the Chaos Pen conceived by Sylvester Stallone has its story told in true Hollywood fashion. Available to view here is the Chaos video, a masterful visual experience that conveys the might and power of the Chaos Pen and the recently-introduced Chaos Watch, through a widescreen creation by filmmaker Wendell Marinho da Silva. Narrated by Mr Stallone over a stately soundtrack reminiscent of heroic swords-and-sorcery blockbusters, the three-minute film reveals every captivating detail of the pen and wristwatch, with evocative images rarely seen outside of big screen sagas. The viewer can appreciate immediately the impact of a writing instrument and a timepiece inspired by the religious, mystical and spiritual art of the Middle Ages, communicated by a film rich with the atmosphere of legendary sagas, from Beowulf to Lord of the Rings.   Joining the hugely successful Chaos Pen launched in 2012, the Chaos automatic analogue wristwatch is handmade in northern Italy by Montegrappa's skilled artisans. Designed as a big, bold statement, the Chaos timepiece's most striking feature is a case fashioned from a choice of silver or gold, with a black PVD-coated steel back.  "Without a doubt, the Montegrappa Chaos watch is a one of a kind piece with an attitude and a style all its own, much like its designer," comments Montegrappa CEO Giuseppe Aquila. "Montegrappa is pleased to continue collaborating with Mr. Stallone as our brand ambassador. With a popular line of pens, cufflinks, and even a crystal inkwell, it was only natural that we introduce an exclusive timepiece as part of the Chaos line. The newly-released video experience allows the viewer to appreciate the artistry of Chaos, guided by Mr. Stallone's own voice. "  The Montegrappa Chaos wrist watch is available in sterling silver or gold editions, with or without its details enhanced by hand-applied enamel. The sterling silver Chaos watch will be issued in 333 pieces with enamelling and 333 pieces without, for a total of 666 examples. The 18k gold edition will consist of 33 pieces with enamel highlights and 33 pieces without."

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