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Chick Steals Police Cruiser While Still in Her Cuffs

"Tulsa Police have released dash and body camera video of a woman stealing a patrol car. Police say an officer pulled over a woman driving a stolen car, but shortly after, the officer’s car was stolen. They say she stole the car after an officer had stopped her near 33rd and Memorial just after midnight on March 30, 2018. Police identified the woman as Angie Frost, 36. The officer handcuffed her and put her in the front seat while the stolen car was searched. The video shows officers standing outside when one of them notices her moving into the driver's seat. "What is she doing?" The officer asks. Another officer says, "She's trying to steal your car."  The first officer tries to unlock the door, but she drives off. The camera in the stolen police car recorded Frost jumping the curb and speeding down Memorial. Police from all over Tulsa started responding. Frost drove south on Memorial then west on 41st Street before stopping at the Studio 6 Motel in the 8100 block of East 41st, where she got out and ran. Police quickly got her back in custody. Frost is already in prison. Court records show Frost pleaded guilty to four counts in May and a judge sentenced her to three years in prison."

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