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10 Ridiculously EXPENSIVE Abandoned Houses

Hollywood is full of glitz and glamor but behind the stage lights is some tragedy waiting in the wings. Whether falling on financial hard times or unfortunate calamities, even the rich and famous aren’t spared from having to make tough life choices. While the wealthy movie stars and athletes of Los Angeles are modern royalty, the dynasties of ages past have always been battling for the top spot in the kingdom. Whether deposed by revolution or ruined by divorce, kings, queens, princes, princesses and the rest have also experienced their own personal hardships. While some may be long gone, their personal and professional shortcomings leave behind monuments to their misfortune – households left to rot, property destined to ruin, and plots of land that lay untended.  But of all the haunted homes and castles left in legal limbo, TheHub’s squatted its way through the lowest corners of high society to find The Most EXPENSIVE Abandoned Celebrity Homes. There’s palatial estates owned by Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York, entire neighborhoods left to decay by the Saudi royal family, art deco mansions owned by American heiress Huguette Clark, and a decrepit amusement park abandoned by the King of Pop himself. There’s even stories about the house once owned by Marilyn Monroe, the home designed by Mike Tyson, the antique residence neglected by Steve Jobs and a house more famous than the doomed owners who lived there. Come in, take a seat and make yourself at home.

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