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Woman Cures Her Ice Cream "Addiction" with Hypnosis

"A woman who only ate ice cream for 20 years has finally ditched the habit, thanks to hypnotism.   From the age of one-year-old Courtney Baxter struggled with SED [selective eating disorder] and could only stomach a diet of ice creams day and night.  For years, Courtney, now 21, was such a fussy eater that the sight of vegetables or fruit would make her feel physically sick and cause her to have a panic attack.  But after eating over 7,000 different ice creams and having never been to a restaurant, Courtney knew she had to take control of her diet.   So after undergoing a two-hour hypnotherapy session, the teaching assistant has been able to try a selection of new foods and is eagerly looking forward to her first ever date with her fiancé, Jared, after being together for SEVEN years."

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