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Anyone Want to Buy The World's Largest Knitting Needles from This Psycho?

"A student who holds a record for creating the world's largest knitting needles is desperate to flog the huge pins for £9,000 to fund her way through university.  Elizabeth Bond made the giant red needles, which are 14 foot and 6.33 inches long, with a diameter of just over 9 centimetres each, as part of her final major project at Wiltshire Art College, when she was studying art and design back in 2017.  After looking up the previous record holder, Elizabeth, also known as Betsy, took things up a notch and managed to add more than a metre to the old record. However, in order for her needles to become record holders, she had to be able to knit at least 10 stitches and 10 rows of yarn using them."

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