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Ladies, This Midwife Will Make You Lovely Placenta Products

"A savvy midwife rakes in an extra £8,500 per year by selling homemade PLACENTA products – including face creams, keepsakes and smoothies. For the past two years, Ciara Noble has been collecting fresh placentas from new mothers and at their request,  transforming them into capsules, essences, face creams, creative keepsakes and even raw smoothies. The 23-year-old from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, became a certified Placenta Remedies Specialist in YEAR after researching the benefits new mothers may experience from consuming their placenta. And after launching her business Kindred Postnatal Products in YEAR, Ciara has started raking in an extra £8,500 [$15,000AUD] per year selling her placenta products to hundreds of different women across the country."

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