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Guy Gets Wasted on a Plane, so Passengers Hog-Tie Him

"Plane passengers hogtied a drunk and abusive man in midair - because crew members were unable to deal with him. The pilot had made clear he was prepared to make an emergency landing after the violent passenger attacked people around him. The man - aged 26 and reportedly recently released from prison in Thailand - went on a rampage on the A320 flight from Bangkok. Video shows the man tied with sticky tape and belts on the floor of the aircraft’s galley. Passengers neutralised him after stewardesses were unable to calm him - and he was tied on the floor of the jet for some four hours until the plane reached Russia. A male passenger “hit the hooligan several times and with the help of other tourists tied him up”, said Colonel Irina Volk, spokeswoman for the Russian Interior Ministry. “Witnesses confirmed that the captain had warned passengers that they might need to land in China or Mongolia because of this hooligan”. The shocking air rage incident was on a packed alcohol-free flight from Bangkok to Russia’s third largest city Novosibirsk, operated by S7, part of the same One World alliance as British Airways and American Airlines. ...'On arrival to Novosibirsk the hooligan was given away to airport police department where he was charged with hooliganism.' It is understood the man was later fined."

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