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Mom With Crush On Son-In-Law Steals Nude Pics Of Him From Daughter's Phone

One of the hardest parts of a marriage isn't getting along with your spouse, it's getting along with their parents, and one mother-in-law is making that extra difficult for a devoted husband. In a post on Reddit asking for help, the guy explained that his wife's mom had the hots for him, which was "creepy" and made things awkward but was bearable. He and his wife spoke to her about how uncomfortable it mades them and it died down a little, but then things got a lot worse.

Turns out the guy and his wife liked to exchange dirty pics, something they've done for years, but one afternoon with her mom, the wife went to the bathroom and didn't bring her phone with her. Her mom promptly went through it and found the gallery of naughty photos, sending some to herself. The wife noticed her phone had been moved and checked her messages, seeing her mom sent herself a bunch of the pics.

The daughter was furious with her mom, but the mother didn't apologize and refused to delete the images. In the post, the husband explained, "It’s f**king awful. My wife and I have a few weird fetishes and so some of the photos I took that are for her eyes only are really humiliating if seen by people who aren't my wife."

Now it's causing problems in the marriage. Although the wife is being supportive, the man said she's also annoyed with how angry he is, telling him, "It's just a picture." Meanwhile, they were supposed to host her brother and his wife at a dinner with her mom but the guy disinvited his mother-in-law. She's telling people they are alienating her, and he doesn't want to explain himself and tell people why that is because he is embarrassed about it.

Commenters sided with the guy, calling his mother-in-law disgusting and pointing out that she is the one who should be embarrassed. Some even suggested he speak to a lawyer. No word yet on what the man wound up doing.

Photo: Getty Images

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