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Video Shows Racist Woman Smashing Laptop On Plane Passenger's Head

There was a time when air travel was an upscale experience that people wore fancy clothes to, but now, planes are places where people put their bare feet on armrests, have meltdowns over a lack of soda, and dry bathing suits on headrests. The latest form of in-flight craziness happened on an American Airlines plane flying from Miami to Los Angeles, and a passenger named Julia Scorupco shared footage of everything that went down in a lovers quarrel that turned violent.

The profanity-laced clip shows a woman yelling at the man next to him for "looking at other women." In her screaming fit, she refers to him as the N-word, shouting, "You want to f***ing try to look at other women, n****? Nah, f**k you! You ain't gonna look at other women, and you ain't gonna tell me you looking at other women."

Flight attendants asked her to calm down, pointing out how there was a little boy in the row behind them. The woman states she knows about him and "already f***ing consoled" him.

Things escalate as the woman continues to hurl f-bombs at the man, threatening him by saying, "Watch 'til we f***ing get home." At that point, the flight attendants ask the man to come with them and move away from her. He is able to get out of the row and says she is assaulting him. That sets the woman into a rage and she asks, "Oh, I'm assaulting you?" then takes her laptop and smashes it on his head as everyone on the plane screams in shock. One passenger as well as a flight attendant were slightly injured when they were caught in the crossfire.

Another flight attendant then tells the laptop smasher that she is going to be charged with assault and she responds, "Fine, whatever."


According to Julia, "The couple were kicked off the flight, and an EMT came on board to check on those injured - the flight attendant went home (we had to wait for a replacement), while the passenger was fine to fly. This happened right before takeoff, and the flight was delayed 2 hours. A woman on the flight claimed to have seen them fighting already at the gate."

The reactions on Twitter have been great:

Julia also said that a flight attendant told passengers the woman had been arrested.


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