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Bizarre Things People Really Believed 50 Years Ago

The sixties were a strange time. To think that back in the day, misogyny reigned supreme, workout machines were basically useless, and seat belts were considered wholly unnecessary. Without further ado, please buckle your seatbelt before we take this cringe-inducing trip down memory lane. History is full of crazy weight loss devices — but the craziest might be the vibrating belt workout machine, which was supposed to jiggle the fat off you while you just stood there. According to the Orange County Register, the vibrating belt machine was a must-have device in fitness centers for decades, although most health experts knew they were essentially useless. Still, people have continued to find variations on this device rather irresistible over the years. Deep down, people really want to believe there's some magical technique that will help us drop those extra pounds without having to focus on diet and regular exercise. Watch the video for more Bizarre Things People Really Believed 50 Years Ago!

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