Florida Woman Poses For Epic Maternity Shoot With Gator, Shotgun and Beer

If you were to distill the state of Florida down into a single photo, the only thing missing here is Mickey Mouse.

Tampa resident Lindsey Tuttle is going viral online after she posted a photo from a recent maternity shoot. She says the photo, which features her cradling a baby alligator, a shotgun perched on top of a case of Bud Light on the ground, and the Florida state flag was inspired by the weird reputation that "Florida Man" has garnered over the years.

"Last minute practice for baby," Tuttle captioned her post on Facebook. "Alligators don’t like to bottle feed, apparently ... Didn’t try to breastfeed."

Florida Man is an internet meme comes from Florida's seemingly never-ending cache of strange, or bizzare stories. One recent example of Florida Man's antics include a man who told Florida police that Jesus told him to drive his Ferrari into the water, and another who was pulled over while driving with a Blood Alcohol Level more than eight times the legal limit.

"I wanted a picture different than your run of the mill maternity photos of women in the forest being goddesses," Tuttle told WTSP 10 News. "'Florida Man’ has always cracked up my husband and I (both native Floridians), so we decided to make me Florida Woman."

Tuttle says she also posted the photo to a Florida memes group where she people began challenging her to fight.

“I posted my maternity photo in a Florida Memes group and got reported a ton of times for challenging people to fight me naked and on bath salts behind an Arby’s,” she posted a day later.

Tuttle also posted a thank you to her husband, Florida man, Jonathan Tuttle, for putting up with her photoshoot idea and subsequent virality.

“My husband is the most pure and wonderful human being in the world for putting up with all of my crazy ideas,” she wrote on Saturday. “While I love the attention, he hates it, but he loves me enough to go along with stupid s--- like this that puts a spotlight on us and supports me in everything I do. He is a treasure and I’m so lucky to have him.”

Tuttle's child is due on March 6th. The couple says they plan on waiting to name their baby until they find out the sex when he's born.