Musician Wrecks Grand Piano While Towing It On A Bike Through San Francisco

A world famous piano player who tows his baby grand piano around on his bicycle crashed while biking down the hilly streets of San Francisco. Davide Martello was looking for a place to park his bike and piano when he picked up too much speed and was forced to bail.

"I jumped right off my bike when I realized that I couldn’t handle it anymore and the speed got out of control," Martello wrote on Instragram following the crash. "My brakes aren’t designed for S.Francisco grades.”

Martello was unhurt in the accident, and just three days later he was back performing on his damaged piano. He arrived at his original destination at Pier 35 and had to push his bike and piano into position. Despite the damage, he wowed the crowd with his original compositions and managed to earn enough money from a tip jar he set up to cover the cost to repair his bicycle.