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Dad Arrested After Toddler Found Gun And Shot Mom During Zoom Call

Photo: Seminole County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man has been arrested nearly two months after the shooting death of a woman who was in the middle of a Zoom call for work. Shamaya Lynn, 21, was shot and killed by her two-year-old on August 11. One of Lynn's coworkers called 911 but didn't know where she lived.

Around the same time, Lynn's boyfriend and father of the child, Veondre Avery, 22, came home from work and called 911 as well. He began to perform CPR but was unable to save her life.

Authorities said the toddler found the loaded gun in a "Paw Patrol" backpack in the couple's room and fired a single shot that fatally struck Lynn in the head.

The toddler and another child in the home at the time were not injured.

Police arrested Avery and charged him with negligent manslaughter and unsafe storage of a firearm. He was taken to Seminole County Jail and where he is being held without bond.

Authorities said that gun owners have a responsibility to safely store their firearms and keep them out of the hands of young children.

"I know it's tragic, I know it may not have been something that that person wanted to do, but now you have consequences," Altamonte Springs Police Officer Rob Ruiz told reporters.