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Here Are The Ages You Should Hit Life's Biggest Milestones By

When did you get your first job? What about your first car? Your first spouse? Well a study has determined the exact ages when some of life's biggest moments are most likely to happen. A British company surveyed 2000 people and averaged their answers to get their results. They discovered that the first milestone people hit happens at age five, when they make their first friend. By age seven they should be able to ride a bike and by the time they turn eight they should know how to swim.

Most people join their first sports team by 11, go on a roller coaster for the first time by 12, and take their first plane ride by 14.

When it comes to relationships, first kisses tend to happen at age 15, a first date at 17 and a first girlfriend or boyfriend at that age as well. People fall in love for the first time at 18, and they're also 18 when they experience their first heartbreak. It takes seven more years before they are engaged, which happens at age 25, and the wedding the following year at age 26.

Elsewhere on the list - a first road trip with friends is at age 21, learning how to iron occurs at 23, the first car purchase takes place at 23, and becoming an aunt or an uncle happens at age 27.

Here are more milestones and when they should happen:

Broke a bone for the first time – 14

First concert – 16

First part time job - 17

First full time job – 19

Decided what to do when you grow up – 20

First pay-raise – 20

Went on first vacation without parents – 20

Moved out of parents house for the first time – 21

Learned to cook – 23

First promotion – 23

Quit a full time job for the first time – 23

Got fired – 24

Learned to garden – 24

Got first credit card – 24

Mowed own lawn – 26

Found sense of style – 26

Got own pet – 26

Bought first house – 27

Hosted first dinner party – 27

Had first child – 28

Started a business – 30

Upgraded to a bigger house from first home – 31

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